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How much does a 40 foot chassis weight?-CIMC container trailer for sale


How much does a 40 foot chassis trailer weight?-CIMC container trailer for sale

Generally, a 40-foot skeleton container trailer can carry a 40-foot container or two 20-foot containers with a loading capacity between 40 tons and 60 tons. The weight of a high quality container semi trailer should be about 5-7 tons. If the body is too light, it will directly affect the carrying capacity of the skelatal trailer.

CIMC is built on the lightest, strongest and most durable container chassis price skeleton trailers in design and manufacturing. Our container chassis is designed in many different models and can be transported in various sizes, including but not limited to 20 ', 30', 40 ', 45', 48 '. We offer a wide selection of 2-axle, tri-axle and terminal trailer models.

container trailer

3 axles 40ft container trailer for sale

45ft skeletal trailer

Low price 45ft skeletal trailer

What is a container trailer?

A container chassis trailer is a special type of undercarriage or chassis developed specifically to transport containers. A container chassis refers to a skeletal structure that is part of a semi-trailer specifically designed to transport containers. It has a bottom frame, multiple shafts and several locking mechanisms to facilitate locking the container to the chassis.

When the container is properly locked on the chassis, it functions the same as a trailer. Several ocean transportation companies used to provide truckers with landing gear to transport containers across the country. Until recently, many of these companies decided to terminate ownership of container chassis in order to cut costs, forcing carriers to have their own container chassis.

Container chassis can improve efficiency and save transportation time. We also have other semi trailers, such as flatbed trailer, low bed trailer, oil tanker traielr, powder tank trailer, etc.

terminal trailer

Skeleton trailer purchase guide:

(1) The design concept of "maintaining the integrity of the steel" is adopted in many places of the container trailer, and the integral steel plate is both durable and beautiful;

The girder is the main body of the 40ft skeleton trailer. In the skeleton semi trailer, the mian beam not only plays a role of bearing weight, but also plays a role of shock absorption. Eliminate the fracture of the main beam and improve the capacity of centralized cargo loading.

(2) The high-strength steel used for the inclined support has stable quality and performance, and the container chassis for sale accessories are all well-known brands in the industry;

(3) The container lock is equipped with a protective lock box, which has a beautiful appearance and can also protect the container lock, increasing safety and reliability during driving;

(4) The container moving trailer spray paint uses electrophoretic coating equipment to enhance the anti-corrosion ability and extend the service life.

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(5)The fuwa / jost brand trailer legs are selected, which is durable, stable and reliable, and is more suitable for container transportation that requires long-term pick-up.

(6)The axle can choose Fuwa/ BPW, which is reliable and guaranteed to meet the needs of container transportation. All are famous products, which can bring better use effect to the use of the trailer.

(7)Suspension, we can provide air suspension, mechanical suspension, single point suspension, etc. according to your needs to ensure the carrying capacity of the skeleton car.

(8)The tri axle chassis for sale can choose WABCO / COMI ABS, which can greatly increase the driving safety of the user and reduce the wear of the tire.

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CIMC container trailer wait for delivery

The skeleton container semi-trailer is specially used for the transportation of various containers. It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has high strength characteristics.

It is widely used in modern logistics transportation. The structure of the skeleton container semi-trailer seems simple, but it needs to meet the various personalized needs of customers, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and reduce transportation costs. The design and process are critical.


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